GM to launch its own line of electric motors

GM to launch its own line of electric motors

September 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The concern is going to independently assemble the entire line of Ultium EV components.

General Motors is about to launch an assembly line to produce its own components for its electric vehicles. In particular, we are talking about electric motors and drive systems. This will allow the company to improve production efficiency while moving to the assembly of all-electric vehicles.

In addition, such a move will allow GM to build a vertically integrated electric car business, comparable to Tesla in the future. The company expects to develop its own drive systems and electric motors that can be used on all of the brand’s electric models.

Note that the drive system from General Motors will include an engine, gearbox and battery, which will make more efficient use of electrical energy to drive the car. In turn, this will affect either the power reserve or the mass of the model, which can be less for equal mileage values.