GM reveals its reaction to the Chinese clone of the Corvette C1

GM reveals its reaction to the Chinese clone of the Corvette C1

October 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Songsan Motors has unveiled the SS Dolphin sports car at the Beijing Auto Show, a replica of the iconic 1st generation Chevrolet Corvette roadster.

At the Beijing Motor Show, a very interesting sports car was presented, which can easily be confused with the 1958 Corvette C1.

For Chinese automakers, this kind of “cloning” is commonplace. Western brands, whose models have attracted the “celestial” brands, react to this in different ways: someone ignores, and someone goes to court. Carscoops decided to find out how GM reacted to the emergence of Songsan SS Dolphin.

One of Chevrolet’s senior managers, Kevin Kelly, told the publication that Songsan Motors did not apply to the company for permission to create a copy of the Corvette. At the same time, the representative of the American automaker stressed that the Chinese do not use any trademarks or GM logos, and the design of the car is still not identical to the C1.

It’s hard to disagree with the last statement, since the original Corvette looks much more advantageous than the SS Dolphin. The Chinese copy, by the way, is 30 cm longer than the American sports car, and boasts a unique interior with virtual “gadgets”, modern multimedia and an original steering wheel.

In terms of powerplant, the SS Dolphin is a plug-in hybrid. It consists of a one and a half liter turbo engine, an electric motor and a 16 kWh battery.

A sports car can travel up to 100 kilometers on electricity alone. Up to a hundred SS Dolphin will accelerate in 4.9 seconds.

Another curious debut at the Beijing Auto Show is the Voyah i-Free concept crossover from luxury sub-brand Dongfeng Motor. At home, a luxury SUV with a futuristic design may appear as early as next year: the brand will offer customers a hybrid and an electric car.