GM registers a new trademark

GM registers a new trademark

September 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

More recently, representatives of the American concern General Motors (GM) have applied to the patent agency for the purpose of registering a new trademark. So far it’s unclear what it will be – something really new or re-branding an existing product?

According to foreign automotive publications that refer to their own proven sources in the US GM concern, at present, the official representatives of the brand are registering a new trademark. The application for a patent was filed on September 20, 2018. It is reported that the novelty can be a full-drive system – well, judge for yourself, the name of it here is a “Sport Control AWD”, which can be translated as “sports control system for all-wheel drive”.

It is known that the new trademark Sport Control AWD includes “Four-wheel-drive systems and electronic stability control systems for vehicles; steering systems for vehicles; traction control systems for vehicles; suspension systems for vehicles; brake systems for vehicles; as well as an apparatus for movement over land, air or water. ”

I must say that although Sport Control AWD sounds somewhat strange, it can be nothing more than rebranding one of the existing systems. As noted by representatives of GM, Sport Sport AWD will be similar to Super-Handling AWD, which is used for cars of Honda / Acura brands. Note that such an update of existing systems and systems is not unusual, especially for premium car manufacturers. For example, the Bavarian brand BMW has its own all-wheel drive system xDrive, Audi has Quattro, and Mercedes 4Matic. Here, the concern General Motors (GM) apparently also decided to issue its own branded all-wheel drive system.

To my great regret, at the moment we do not have more detailed information about the American novelty. Maybe the name Sport Control AWD is intended to mean something new, and maybe GM just decided to officially register its current system. As they say, time will tell.