GM recalls its pickups and sedans due to brake problems

GM recalls its pickups and sedans due to brake problems

January 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A recall campaign designed to solve the braking problems on some General Motors trucks and sedans in 2019 may have introduced a new problem, the automaker admitted, and thousands of owners driving repaired cars may have to return to their maintenance departments to get another updates.

The update addresses a fix that has been pushed to owners of more than half a million new GM trucks and sedans that could potentially lose their partial braking function. According to the Detroit Free Press, GM’s correction may have accidentally led to dramatic over-correction.

An initial software fix helped eliminate situations where the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system would be disabled, which in turn would prevent electronic stability control from being activated. The vehicles to be revoked often encountered software failures that prevented them from properly reporting the operational status of these systems, which means that drivers will not know that their brakes may not work as expected in an emergency.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Cadillac CT6, and GMC Sierra 1500 were recalled in the original campaign in 2019.

Unfortunately, an earlier version of this hotfix seems to introduce another software glitch. This new gremlin distorts things in the other direction, potentially activating the brakes when they are not even needed. GM only recently started to perform an initial correction on customer vehicles, but customer reports of unintended braking on the road prompted the company to issue an additional correction for those who already had their cars serviced.

Those who have not yet serviced their cars can rest in peace; they will only receive the latest software patch.