GM opens 3,000 jobs for electric vehicle developers

GM opens 3,000 jobs for electric vehicle developers

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company is mainly interested in programmers

Concern General Motors, which for many years paid little attention to electric vehicles, announced the hiring of 3 thousand new employees just to work in this direction.

We are talking about engineers and, first of all, about programmers. The company emphasizes that they are not interested in experience in the automotive industry, but in the skills of creating products based on Java, Android and iOS technologies.

It is software that is called one of the competitive advantages of Tesla cars. At one time, GM for a song sold its joint venture with Toyota in the Californian city of Fremont, considering that there are too high salaries for car production. As a result, Musk was able to quickly hire many good programmers, of whom California was just in abundance. Tesla’s main factory is now located in Fremont.

GM was not the first corporation to announce a massive increase in programmers in 2020. Earlier this was done by Volkswagen, which was forced to delay the release of its main electric car ID.3 just because of the unavailability of the software, and as a result released a car with limited functionality.