GM may revive Hummer as an electric SUV

GM may revive Hummer as an electric SUV

October 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The production of the legendary SUV stopped ten years ago. Then General Motors abandoned the model due to declining demand. Nevertheless, rumors have now begun to appear about a possible revival of the old man in the image of a modern electric car.

While there is no official confirmation of the information. However, rumors that have emerged stubbornly hint at the possibility of a resurgence of the Hummer. General Motors is still silent, but the release of a new version of the legendary SUV is quite logical and justified in terms of marketing. But the model will be significantly modified and equipped with a new power plant.

If the new Hammer appears on the market, it will retain its concept with a simple and practical design, an ascetic interior and a reliable technical part. But will receive a modern electric power plant. The truth about the military purpose of the car is not necessary to speak.

Technical specifications, of course, remain unknown. It can be assumed that a twin-engine layout with a total capacity of about 400-600 horsepower will be used. Most likely, a battery with a capacity of about 100 kW * hours will most likely be used as a power source. That will provide about 350 km of reserve path.

According to preliminary information, the new Hummer may appear already in 2021. Production can be set up at the Detroit Hamtramk plant as part of an existing contract. The production site will require extensive modification.