GM is set to become the premier electric vehicle manufacturer. Yes again

GM is set to become the premier electric vehicle manufacturer. Yes again

October 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company continues to make high-profile statements while holding back sales of its electric models.

The head of General Motors Corporation, Mary Barra, published a post on her LinkedIn expressing her confidence in the success in the electric vehicle market. According to Barra, Ultium’s new technology will help the company win the battle for the hearts of electric car buyers.

Such an ambitious announcement has sparked a wave of skepticism from the electric vehicle community. The fact is that GM has been making such promises for at least a quarter of a century, hiding behind them its true desire to continue producing large and voracious petrol-powered pickups and SUVs.

So, back in the 90s of the last century, the corporation solemnly presented the EV1 electric car, but did not sell it, offering to rent cars. Faced with high demand, GM … recalled all cars from users and destroyed them, stating that electric cars turned out to be of no use to anyone, which should not be done despite the calls of politicians and eco-activists. Later, the famous documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” was filmed about this story.

In the past decade, GM seemed to have a competitive electric car, the Chevrolet Bolt, which was on par with its direct competitors in terms of performance. However, the concern did not release the Bolt on a wide scale, limiting itself to select dealerships in some states. Even there, potential buyers had to wait for the ordered electric vehicles on a debt, and all this time the sellers were persuading them to buy more profitable gasoline analogues for GM.

Ms. Barra’s current announcement coincided with the news that electric Hummer pickups will only be available at half of GM dealerships in the United States, in fact, contradicting the goal of becoming the leader in electric equipment sales.