GM has unveiled a new electric van. It will appear this year

GM has unveiled a new electric van. It will appear this year

January 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The van will be produced under the new brand BrightDrop

The CES Consumer Electronics Show this year is held in virtual mode, which did not prevent General Motors from presenting not even a single electric car, but a whole new brand called BrightDrop. Under this name, the production of commercial vehicles, primarily the original EV600 electric van, will begin this year.

The car is built on a new platform and uses Ultium batteries, which GM intends to make in conjunction with LG. The technical details about the van are still rather scarce, but we assume that at least in some ways its architecture should be close to the Hummer electric pickup.

So, we are talking about an all-wheel drive, all-electric delivery van with a cargo compartment of 17 cubic meters. The manufacturer promises a power reserve of 402 kilometers on a single charge. The traction battery capacity is not specified, only the number of Ultium battery modules is known, and there are 20. If our calculations of the Hummer battery capacity are correct and knowing that there are 24 such modules, then we can assume that the EV600 has a total capacity of 167 kilowatt-hours, so the range of more than 400 kilometers, even for a laden van, looks quite realistic.

In terms of charging capabilities, the EV600 is ready to accept a relatively modest 120 kilowatt DC current. In an hour, this will provide a charge for 274 kilometers.

The first customer to receive vans this year will be FedEx Express. From 2022, other companies will also be able to order the car.

Apart from the EV600, BrightDrop will also be releasing something called EP1. In fact, it is something like a rocket with an electric drive, which allows you to move loads of up to 0.65 cubic meters at a speed of about five kilometers per hour. This device will also hit the market in 2021.

Recall that with the introduction of the EV600, GM executives have actually fulfilled their promise to bring the electric van to market before Tesla.