GM Director: “The right decision is electric cars, not hybrids”

GM Director: “The right decision is electric cars, not hybrids”

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Last week, General Motors introduced several innovations in the field of electric transport, which it intends to sell in the next four years. Journalists from Electrek talked with Mary Barra, CEO, about profitability, laws, and why the company considers the hybrid power plant a futile direction.

In January, GM President Mark Reuss announced that the company’s next electric car would be profitable from the first generation. Director of the company Mary Barra confirmed in an interview with Electrek that these plans of the company are valid and she counts on the first profit with the start of sales of GMC Hummer, an updated electric pickup truck.

To find a common language with regulators, we should focus on the production of clean electric vehicles, and not on hybrids, Mary Barra is sure. But in order for them to be sold, you need to provide a reliable infrastructure of charging stations. It is also necessary to make sure that the electric car becomes the vehicle that the client is ready to purchase as the only car for the family, which he will count on around the clock. You can’t expect that he will have another car for long trips. Therefore, GM is so actively developing a network of charging stations and reduces the cost of batteries.

“We work as fast as we can to help people buy electric cars, because that’s what they want,” said Barra. “This is our long-term success path.” And the sooner customers themselves begin to stimulate demand, and not regulators, the faster we will win. ”

“So we are more likely to transform the company, the country and the whole world, because we believe in climate change,” said GM Director.

Barra also dispelled the doubts of journalists about how economical it is to produce large and non-aerodynamic electric cars like the GMC Hummer or SUT. The company has its own wind tunnel, where all tests are carried out, and the design is optimized according to the results. In the end, GM has a lot of experience developing large machines.

“We will move forward as aggressively as demand allows, and we are working hard to create this demand,” said Barra. “I think you will see that we are very aggressive.”

This is not the first time Mary Barra has spoken about the benefits of pure EV over hybrids. In her opinion, hybrids and plug-in hybrids will remain only in the Chinese market, where they help meet environmental standards. From an economic point of view, trying to push two power plants into one car is a waste of time and money.