GM didn’t plan on making an electric Hummer, it just happened

GM didn’t plan on making an electric Hummer, it just happened

October 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car began to be created simply as a GMC pickup truck

The Hummer brand, which General Motors revived for the production of an electric pickup truck, is no longer an independent brand, but only a model under the GMC logo. It looked a little strange from the very beginning, but now the company has explained how this happened.

Duncan Elder, vice president of GMC and Buick, told Muscle Cars & Trucks that no one really planned to call the new car a Hummer.

What the company unveiled last week as the GMC Hummer EV is nothing more than an electric pickup from General Motors, which CEO Mary Barra let slip about over a year ago.

At first, the automaker decided to make a large electric premium pickup and release it under the GMC brand name, since it would be too expensive for Chevrolet and too utilitarian for Cadillac. However, already in the development process, it turned out that the engineers obtained a very passable all-wheel drive chassis with an electric drive, which makes it possible to make not just a pickup, but a real four-wheel all-terrain vehicle.

It was at this stage that GM management came up with the idea to name the new car Hummer, since this brand has historically been associated with high cross-country ability. After that, the designers were instructed to adapt the look of the resulting pickup to the corporate identity of the Hummer.

It remains to add that the Hummer brand was liquidated due to the fact that these large gasoline and diesel SUVs were distinguished by excessive gluttony and environmental friendliness, which is why at some point they suddenly went out of fashion. Electric cars don’t face serious air pollution charges. But as we recently found out, the new Hummer is not far from its predecessors in terms of energy efficiency.