Global car market fell 3.9% in August

Global car market fell 3.9% in August

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Analysts estimate that sales of new cars in the world last month amounted to 7 million 194 thousand cars.

As noted in the consulting company LMC Automotive, seasonally adjusted annual sales, calculated from the results of the previous month, amounted to almost 95 million new cars. According to the results of incomplete 2019, the sale of cars in the world amounted to 59 million 402 thousand units, which corresponds to a fall of 5.9% compared to 2018 figures.

China remains the largest global car market, where 1 million 950 thousand cars (-7.9%) were sold in August. Experts attribute the long negative dynamics to the slowdown of the economy of China and the protracted trade war with the United States. The second largest global car market is the American one, where over the reporting period 1 million 640 thousand new passenger cars and SUVs were sold. This is 10.5% higher than a year ago. The automobile markets of Western Europe in August fell by 7.2% to 1 million 058 thousand cars.

Car sales in Eastern Europe also show a negative trend – last month they fell by 6.5% to 329.4 thousand units.