Glikenhaus confirmed the development of affordable superbuggy

Glikenhaus confirmed the development of affordable superbuggy

April 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A drawing of a bizarre hybrid of a sports car and beach buggy, published by James Glickenhaus a little more than a month ago, can now be officially considered a teaser for a new product. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) has confirmed the development of the model on its Facebook page.

The novelty has a double designation: SCG 008 – since this is the eighth SCG project (counting a couple of tuning Ferrari P4 / 5), or 004 / Mini Boot – since the design of the car combines the features of the SCG 004 sports car and Boot SUV. The company says the project is inspired by the Lotus Seven kit cars and the rally Porsche 959, and that its main goal is to make the brand’s cars accessible to a wider audience.

SCG Mini Boot will be sold through the online store as a kit for self-assembly. The engine is not included, but the design is designed for the installation of a 2.2-liter EcoTec aggregate manufactured by General Motors and a Sadev gearbox with a transaxle circuit. Estimated return of 147 hp and 210 Nm is not so modest, considering that we are talking about a car whose curb weight will not exceed 635 kg. Four-wheel drive will make an option.

Other details, including the price list, are still being developed. Among other things, SCG can turn the Mini Boot into a convertible and an electric car.