Giti Motorsports Calendar

Giti Motorsports Calendar

June 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Now that the coronavirus response has started to wind down and bear the virus the Motorsports calendar has finally been released! Here is an overview of the events as well as some highlights for the competition:


This year’s Giti motorsports calendar kicks off with a returning classic! Nürburgring, meaning Green Hell in German, is a classic course that pits top teams from all over the globe in one place! These races gather top teams from around the world to race in Germany. One of the main highlights of last year’s event that is making a comeback is Giti’s all-female team. They made their debut in last year’s competition and will surely be making a stellar showing this year!

If that were not enough, truck racing is making history this year by entering the online racing for the first time! The first debut will be in June, Norbert Kiss, who has won six out of six races, had taken the top place in virtual qualifying. He has surely set the standard for other drivers attempting to enter this space. But the other drivers are not going to let him continue that lead! They are all putting in work to catch up to Kiss, who is currently in the lead by a whopping 36 points the rankings, however, do not count out his opponents as he noted after a recent race in Slovakia that, “Everybody is getting quicker and they are getting closer.”

The only person even close from falling behind Kiss is Sascha Lenz who has continued to catch up to Kiss over the past three races. His showing has been impressive since he is the only one to have placed in all six races besides Kiss. 

Other drivers are still showing incredible promise as well. Téo Calvet has struggled a bit in one of the races, sat out one, and barely missed getting on the podium in another. He will surely be a competitor for Kiss. Antonio Albacete has also improved dramatically in his simulator ability. He admits that learning the skill is challenging but that he enjoys it. Even though there will be plenty of talent for the rest of the year, the fact that truck racing has now gone virtual will surely be one of the highlights of the year and will change the way the sport is performed for years to come.


July 11

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #2
  • Nürburg, Germany

July 12

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #3
  • Nürburg, Germany

The competition this month continues to stay in Germany but do not worry since the rest of the fall is filled with action-packed races all over the globe!


August 1

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #4
  • Nürburg, Germany

August 8

  • UK Fun Cup #1
  • Norfolk, England

August 15

  • Digital Endurance #7
  • Nürburg, Germany

August 22

  • UK Fun Cup #2
  • Hampshire, England

August 22-23

  • Truck Racing #1
  • Leicestershire, England

August 29

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #5
  • Nürburg, Germany

2020 brings another fun year of watching Volkswagon Beetles fight for the number one spot in the world’s most professional amateur competition! The UK Fun Cup began its 2020 season in April and will finish in Leicestershire, England this year. Fans can expect to have seven weekends of racing at the most exciting tracks in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, including at the renowned Brands Hatch.


September 4-6

  • Formula Drift USA Rd 1-2
  • Missouri, USA

September 12

  • UK Fun Cup #3
  • Northamptonshire, England

September 19-20

Truck Racing #2

  • Sept 19-20
  • Norfolk, England

Sept 24-27

  • 24 Hours Nürburgring
  • Nürburg, Germany

September 25-27

  • Formula Drift USA Rd 3-4
  • Washington, USA

The 24-Hour Race demonstrates that Nürburgring helps prove what the best tires in the world are With a wide variety of constantly changing weather conditions like sun, rain, heat, and cold, truck tires are put to intensive tests during each lap. The Nürburgring 24 Hours Race is one of the most popular of all the competitions and draws more than 200,000 spectators from around the world. The race has the distinction of being one of the most famous races of its type in the world.


October 3-4

  • Truck Racing #3
  • Carmarthenshire, Wales

October 16-18

  • Formula Drift USA Rd 5-6
  • Texas, USA

October 17

  • Digital Endurance #8
  • Online

October 17

  • UK Fun Cup #4
  • Cheshire, England

October 24

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #6
  • Nürburg, Germany

The truck races and exhibition showings are going to truly show what these trucks are made out of! The tires used during these competitions have undergone extensive development and testing adapted to use technology specifically designed for truck racing environments. The extreme conditions on the track help make the next generation of tires for up and coming drivers.

In addition to learning more about their tires, companies such as Giti use the opportunity for the company to showcase the strengths of its tires to truck drivers and enthusiasts, as well as families who may be experiencing competitive truck racing for the first time. These companies also use giveaways for a lot of their products to help build their brands.


November 7

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #7
  • Nürburg, Germany

November 7-8

  • Truck Racing #4
  • Kent, England

November 17

  • Digital Endurance #9
  • Online

November 20-22

  • Formula Drift USA Rd 7-8
  • California, USA

November 21

  • Nürburgring VLN Endurance #8
  • Nürburg, Germany

That is the calendar for the year! Fans are going to really have a lot to look forward to this year. If everything goes well with coronavirus, there should be no issue with any of these events besides the four Formula D events that were changed to not allow fans to attend because of health concerns. Additionally, this year will truly be historic with the advent of truck racing going digital!