Giovinazzi: I hope at home took a screenshot of the timing!

Giovinazzi: I hope at home took a screenshot of the timing!

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Alfa Romeo earned points in Singapore, but counted on a better result, given that at some point Antonio Giovinazzi even led the race …

Frederic Wasser, Team Leader: “Earn one point in such an eventful race is a plus, but we are a little sorry about how the events developed. Antonio conducted the race flawlessly, made almost no mistakes, and if the safety car had gone a couple of laps earlier, then we could talk about an incredible result for the Italian. Despite the damaged car, he still managed to finish in the top ten, but the best result was possible.

Kimi looked confident in the race, won back positions and had to earn points. Unfortunately, when he tried to cope with degrading tires, he was taken aback by the incident with Kvyat, and this was the end of the race for him. Ultimately, a point is a point, but we look forward to more in Sochi next week. ”

Kimi Raikkonen (gathering): “I was hoping for another end to the race, but everything is as it is. The tires were worn out, and although I managed to maintain my position after the first restart, on the second restart the rubber turned out to be too cold, I lost three positions and I started to have problems.

The race ended with an incident with Kvyat for me, but in any case I had nowhere to go. When I looked in the mirrors on the straight line, he was quite far away, but turning, I noticed him out of the corner of my eye, but it was too late to respond.

Antonio Giovinazzi (10th): “There were a lot of fights in the race. I am glad that I earned points for the team, but I think I could finish higher.

I drove the first segment too long on the Medium, but now it’s easy to judge. If we had a pit stop before, then perhaps I would have been ahead of Norris in seventh position. When the tire resource came to an end, I started having problems, and a collision with Riccardo exacerbated the situation, because for the rest of the race I drove with a damaged front suspension. The car was pulled to the side, and it was not easy for me, but I really wanted to earn points and fought for the position until the finish line.

It’s great to lead the race and fight with Ferrari and Mercedes. I hope that someone at home took a screenshot of the timing at that moment! ”