Gilles de Ferrand: Another route, but the former approach

Gilles de Ferrand: Another route, but the former approach

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Both McLaren riders in the past years have achieved success on the Baku track – and hope for a productive weekend …

Carlos Sainz: “The track in Baku is one of my favorites, the races on it are always unpredictable, it is interesting to participate in them. It is always felt when everyone is looking forward to some stage – this weekend, anything can happen.

A year ago, I performed well in Baku, finishing fifth. Every year I strive to achieve the best results on the tracks. I hope this time will be without incidents and we will speak effectively.

I’m a little upset by the start of the season – many incidents occurred through no fault of mine, but this sometimes happens in races. I do not pay attention, I continue to attack and I know that hard work always pays off. ”

Lando Norris: “I am pleased to return to Baku. Last year, my weekend in Formula 2 on this route was very exciting, I look forward to the opportunity to perform there behind the wheel of Formula 1. The route is interesting, I hope the race will turn out to be brighter for me than in China. If everything goes well, there is a chance to earn points.

In Baku, the mistakes of racers lead to more serious consequences than in Melbourne, even the most minor ones – I will try to avoid them. I would like to fight with rivals throughout the race. “

Gilles de Ferrand, sports director: “The stage on a city road with 90-degree turns, a difficult middle sector and a very long straight is a unique challenge in Formula 1. On city roads, racers usually do not accelerate to such speeds as in Baku. By the sum of the factors, this is one of the most difficult tracks in the championship calendar.

In a street race there is always an element of unpredictability, so the choice of strategy is not obvious. This year, our mechanics did an excellent job in the pit stops, it is important to work flawlessly in Baku.

Another route, other factors, but the same approach. We will do everything to work as well as possible with Carlos and Lando, successfully spend the weekend and earn points. ”