Giant combat robot with V8 from Chevrolet Corvette put up for sale

Giant combat robot with V8 from Chevrolet Corvette put up for sale

October 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At an online auction eBay put up a giant five-meter combat robot from Megabot. The starting price of the lot was only one dollar, but in a week it increased to $ 170,700.

The megabot weighs about 12 tons and is driven by a 430-horsepower V-shaped “eight” from the Chevrolet Corvette. According to rough estimates, the creation of the robot cost the manufacturer $ 2.5 million.

Megabot specialized in creating humanoid robots to participate in battles. There were several instances in the line and the manufacturer even managed to conduct a couple of fights, however, the hype expected by the creators did not follow among the audience. There were few spectators, and given the cost of each robot and the need to repair it after each battle, the business quickly became unprofitable.

As a result, the manufacturer had to declare bankruptcy and put up for sale one of its robots, the Eagle Prime model, to pay off its debts. It needs repair, because not so long ago took part in the last battle – for example, a robot has a leak in the hydraulic system every four hours, and track pads need replacing. Despite this, the seller claims that the robot is serviceable and, after minor modifications, can perform again.

The last day of the auction is scheduled for October 3rd. Most likely, by this time, the cost of a megabot will increase by a few thousand dollars.