Getting to Paul Ricard will be easier

Getting to Paul Ricard will be easier

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year’s Grand Prix of France drew such attention that many kilometers of traffic jams formed at the entrances to the circuit, and some fans were returning home without having reached the track. The organizers have taken measures so that this situation does not recur.

“Then, the most difficult for motorists turned out Friday and Sunday,” explained the director of the Grand Prix of France Gilles Dufenie. – Some spent in cars for six to seven hours, but this is the only serious drawback of last year’s Grand Prix. We were obliged to find a solution and did it by taking many serious measures. This large-scale plan will cost us a million euros, but it is needed to satisfy Formula 1 fans. “

The main points of this project are the organization of free shuttles and more efficient organization of parking spaces. Taking passengers every three minutes, 170 buses will run between La Ciotat, Le Castellet and Paul Ricard, where they will build a bus station.

In addition, the organizers are calling on motorists to take fellow travelers and in April they will launch a special website to search for them. Those who respond to this innovation, will have the opportunity to drive on a special road to a separate parking lot. In Paul Ricard, they hope that these measures will reduce the number of personal vehicles per 10,000 vehicles.

Finally, the organizers plan to double the number of campsites, and tickets for this parking can already be purchased on the website of the autodrome for 159 euros for four people for five days. They also promise to extend the entertainment program until 22:00 and improve the service of snack bars at the circuit.