Germany topped the list of car suppliers in China

Germany topped the list of car suppliers in China

September 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Germany was ahead of the States in supplying cars to the Chinese market because of a trade dispute that broke out on July 6 this year. On this last Tuesday, said Wang Shouwen, Deputy Minister of Commerce of China.

To begin with, we remind our readers that the trade war between China and the United States began with a 25% increase in import duties by the Americans for 818 items of goods, the total volume of deliveries of which amounted to 34 billion dollars a year. In response, the Chinese also raised the customs tax by 25% for an equivalent amount of goods from America.

Already in August, the US again introduced a duty of 25%, but already on the import of goods worth $ 16 billion per year. The PRC did not remain in debt and responded by the same measures. Because of this rivalry, there is a trade imbalance between the powers. Washington estimates that its size is already 500 billion dollars and not in favor of America.

Returning to Germany, we will quote the words of Wang Shouwen at a briefing: “If the United States had formerly led the export of cars to the People’s Republic of China, now this place was taken by Germany. In the Chinese market, the number of deliveries of German and Japanese cars is increasing, while American ones will fall “.

He added that the measures taken by the Americans do not coincide with the interests of China and do not bring any benefits to the Americans themselves. “The negative balance of the US trade balance is growing not only in relation to China, but also to all world trade.” Therefore, the deputy minister believes that all this negative trade situation does not correspond to the interests of either side. The only solution is to end the trade dispute.