Germany officially allowed autonomous driving

Germany officially allowed autonomous driving

February 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The German federal government has passed an “autonomous driving law”. This makes Germany the first European country to take such a step. The legislation is the first step towards allowing Level 4 autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Germany already had regulations for autonomous driving, but they only allowed such vehicles to move with a special permit and in confined spaces such as an industrial area. According to the new law, such a permit is no longer necessary, and it will be possible to autonomously drive a car in Germany throughout the country.

Currently, the delineated zones will continue to apply and the law only applies to Level 4 autonomous driver assistance systems. This means that, in principle, the car can move independently, but there must be a driver in the cabin who can intervene in an emergency. Level 5, in which no driver should be involved at all, is not yet available. It is not yet known where the autonomous zones will be located and how large they will be.

“It is good and important that Germany is at the forefront of this. The challenge now is to quickly implement the law, ”says Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is investing at least € 27 billion in digitalisation by 2025, including autonomous driving. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are also active in this area. German legislation is also welcomed by a manufacturer such as Tesla, which is currently fully committed to its Berlin plant and Full Self Driving software.