Germany has banned too brilliant Porsche Panamera

Germany has banned too brilliant Porsche Panamera

April 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

One of the residents of Hamburg (Germany) lost his car and driver’s license because he ignored the previous warning of the police about the overly brilliant coverage of his Porsche Panamera.

Earlier, a 31-year-old driver covered the car with a golden film to attract more attention to the Panamera. However, the car attracted attention and the police, who found that the foil glitters too brightly, which could be a danger to other drivers. He was warned that it was necessary to remove the foil, otherwise the punishment would become more severe.

However, the driver did not take the warning seriously. As a result, the other day the police stopped him on the road for the second time. The police took his car keys, documents and license plates, and Porsche Panamera was towed to the garage.

The driver was issued a fine, the amount of which is not disclosed. The remaining requirement is to remove the golden foil, which this time the driver immediately executed.