Germans are aiming at the “solar” transport market

Germans are aiming at the “solar” transport market

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German startup Sono has entered into a partnership agreement with NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) to launch production of solar-powered models. They will be collected at the former Saab plant in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Plans state that the first model, the Sono Sion five-door hatchback, will be launched next year. The production capacity of the plant will be about 43,000 cars per year. Over 8 years, it is planned to produce 260,000 cars.

Prototypes are tested on European roads starting in 2017. The hatchback will receive solar panels, some of which will be built into the surface of the body panels.

Energy from solar panels will provide a range of 34 km. If the battery is recharged more traditional way – from the outlet – the car is able to travel 250 km.

Also, the German company intends to equip the car with the option of car sharing, which allows you to plan trips using the application. The proposed technology is bidirectional charging, which will allow the hatchback to give excess energy to the network or other vehicles. It is also known that Sion is equipped with a system of “natural air filtration”, which was called “breSono”. It uses electrostatic gravity to filter, which removes up to 20% of solid particles from the air.

The cost of a hatchback starts from 25,500 euros. To date, the startup has already received 9,800 pre-orders.