German VW and American Ford will still work together

German VW and American Ford will still work together

June 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that Volkswagen and Ford are very close to the completion of all work on the signing of a cooperation agreement. As part of this document, these companies will work together in the field of development of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Speaking at a meeting of 500 of the highest-ranking executives of the German VW brand in Germany, the company’s executive director, Herbert Diss, said that negotiations with the American Ford in Dearborn are “progressing well” and are on the verge of completion.

“Without a strong presence in the United States, the region where we are least represented, global trade conflicts can put us in a difficult position. Today, we are a company heavily influenced by China. We need a US market, ”said Diss during his presentation.

The partnership between VW and Ford has already aimed for car manufacturers to join forces to develop vans and pickups. Detailed information on the development of electric vehicles and the technology of autonomous vehicle control systems is still unclear.

It is assumed that within the framework of cooperation, VW can invest impressive money in the autonomous subsidiary of Ford Argo AI, which can be announced next month. This would make sense, since VW recently discontinued its collaboration with the autopilot developer, the American-Israeli startup Aurora.

VW believes that its partnership with Ford will help improve its rating as a global automaker. This valuation is “an important acquisition currency in the upcoming industry consolidation phase,” adding that a high valuation is also “a virtual currency for the partnerships we need to transform.”