German startup e.SAT will develop silent air taxi

German startup e.SAT will develop silent air taxi

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

E.Sat joined the ranks of German aviation startups by presenting a “silent air taxi” project flying at a speed of 300 km / h to a range of 1000 km. 50 engineers from leading research institutes of the country will work on its creation.

The project was presented by the German Council for Exact and Human Sciences at the University of Aachen. His goal is to create a flying electric car. The agreement of intent was signed by leading research and production centers in Germany. In particular, specialists from the Fraunhofer Institute will work on engine components, writes Electrek.

The German Ministry of Transport, which allocated 4 million euros, also supports the project. An additional 12.7 million will come from successful trials scheduled for 2022. The company hopes to obtain a license from the European Aviation Safety Agency in 2024.

The development of the project continues for the fourth year, and e.Sat has already accumulated several patents. It is known that a silent air taxi will be manned, with four passenger seats, to develop a cruising speed of 300 km / h, and the cruising range will be 1000 km. For take-off, he will need a strip 400 meters long.

As the name of the project, the main feature of a taxi is its noiselessness. Engineers try to make no more than 65 dBm during take-off, the restaurant is about the same noise. And in a hundred meters he will simply not be heard.

The founders of e.Sat do not plan to make their air taxi autonomous – at least not in the early stages. Although they do not exclude such a possibility in the future.

Another German aviation start-up, Lilium, is getting ready in a year – one and a half to certify 36 taxi air taxi, and by 2025 – to launch an air taxi service in two or three cities or regions of the world. The company is going to not only produce air taxi, but also independently manage their fleet.