German startup e.Go Mobile creates a truly affordable EV

German startup e.Go Mobile creates a truly affordable EV

December 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Electric cars predict a loud future, and even the title of the killers of cars with ICE. At the moment, they are too expensive, but a startup from Germany, e.Go Mobile, is preparing to submit a cheap electric car with a price of half the cheapest Tesla Model 3, which costs $ 45,000.

In Germany, there is the company e.Go Mobile, which will soon begin to produce electric vehicles worth about $ 22,500. According to the company, their electric car will be two times cheaper than the cheapest Tesla. In all likelihood, you have not heard of the existence of this company, and this is not surprising, it is developing an affordable electric car, which turned out only a few Chinese companies, and only for the domestic market.

 e.Go Mobile was founded by Professor Gunther Schuch, the man behind the best-selling electric van in Europe – StreetScooter, sold by Deutsche Post in 2014. This sale gave him the capital needed to launch e.Go Mobile in partnership with ZF.

 The first e.Go model is called Life and is a no-frills city car that offers a four-seater saloon in a slightly smaller body than the Fiat 500. The basic version of the e.Go Life 20 comes with a 14.9 kWh battery that feeds a 20-power electric motor kW (27 hp). The cost will start from 18 150 dollars. Cruising is about 120 km according to NEDC standards.

 The remaining versions differ in battery capacity and engine power. The top version will receive an engine of 80 hp and a power reserve of up to 180 km. The price will be about 22 740 dollars.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen continues to develop the electrified segment, and has already reserved the release of 50 million units of electric vehicles in production facilities.