German scientists have created an algorithm for accident-free driving

German scientists have created an algorithm for accident-free driving

September 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German scientists claim to have created an algorithm that makes unmanned vehicles “accident-free” as long as human drivers obey traffic rules.

Researchers in Germany have developed an algorithm based on data collected from vehicles and tested it using computer simulations. The algorithm can take into account unexpected phenomena, such as the appearance of cyclists, and smooth out the movement of an unmanned vehicle, provided that other road users comply with traffic rules.

According to the developers, the advantages of this technique are quite obvious even in critical situations in an urban environment, recorded in real car traffic. The drone with a given algorithm followed exclusively safe trajectories. The results showed that the online verification method can significantly reduce the number of accidents.

In addition, unlike a human, an autonomous vehicle does not lose concentration and does not get tired. Although these vehicles cannot be trained in all possible driving situations, they can be equipped with a system that can calculate a trouble-free driving trajectory.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage of the algorithm is that real road users often behave irresponsibly. According to Noel Sharkey, professor of robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Sheffield, the authors “overestimate the real usefulness” of their algorithm because computer simulations do not take into account the dynamics of real traffic. Unmanned vehicles were brought onto public roads and there are already known cases when they became the cause of an accident.