German Residents Continue Protests Against Tesla Factory

German Residents Continue Protests Against Tesla Factory

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Germany, residents of the municipality of Grünheide protest against the construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory factory, which plans to produce Model 3 and Model Y electric cars.

The inhabitants of a cozy city for 8,000 people are unhappy with the company’s plans to cut hundreds of hectares of forest, Deitsche Welle reports. The protesters note that they specially moved here to hide in the green region from the hustle and bustle of industrial Berlin.

Tesla management plans to cut down hundreds of hectares of forest for a reason. Earlier, an agreement was signed with the federal state of Brandenburg to purchase for this purpose a land area of ​​about 300 hectares for 41 million euros. In addition, the carmaker also committed to plant 3 times more trees than those that would be damaged during construction.

The company’s plans caused discontent among the local population. On January 18, about 200 residents of Gruenheide took part in a protest rally. At the same time, similar campaigns were also launched by supporters of the creation of the Tesla plant.

“Residents of Grünheide are worried about the forest that needs to be cut down, but they don’t see that it will ultimately help save much more trees. There will be more electric cars and fewer cars with internal combustion engines that consume biofuels from raw materials grown on vast areas cleared of forests, “say the defenders of the American auto giant.

At the same time, members of the protests note that local authorities had to offer Tesla another site. Coal mining is gradually ceasing in the southern part of the federal state of Brandenburg, so vast territories have formed that remain free, she is sure.

Also, environmentalists are concerned that the Tesla factory is located in the water protection zone. Many are concerned about the lack of reliable information about what will happen with the groundwater and drinking water reservoirs in the region as a result of the construction of the plant.

Also, local residents are not satisfied with the promise to create several thousand new jobs. According to them, Tesla will bring the necessary number of people from other regions.

“Tesla will not hire local residents, since we do not have specialists in the production of electric vehicles: employees will come from other cities in Germany and from abroad. Thus, we will not receive direct benefits from the plant, but we will lose our idyllic community,” members of the protests.