German police chose Hyundai Nexo

German police chose Hyundai Nexo

April 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The police delegation in Osnabruck, Germany, made its entire fleet very resilient. One police car is the brightest in the group because the Germans installed flashing lights on the Hyundai Nexo.

For the first time, German police switched to a Hyundai SUV with fuel cells. A bold move because, given the limited refueling capabilities, some calculations are required to patrol the Nexo. Currently, there is one gas station that offers hydrogen in the western part of the city.

When viewed from the center, the road to the H2 gas station takes 10 kilometers. This station is one of 116 hydrogen filling stations in Germany. Currently, 17 more are under construction, and another 44 are in close supply schedules with H2 Mobility Deutschland GmbH. On a full tank, the Nexo should be able to walk 666 kilometers.

Otherwise, the standard Nexo is distinguished by a typical blue-silver police “jacket” and, like any police car, also receives flashing beacons with a siren and communications equipment. According to, in addition to Nexo, Osnabruck police buys twenty electric vehicles, twelve electric bicycles, three electric motors and an electric ATV.