German motorists are experiencing glue attacks. What kind of attack?

German motorists are experiencing glue attacks. What kind of attack?

January 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Wolfsburg cars are attacked. This has been going on since 2017, but glue hooligans still cannot catch it. Last week, police reported four more such cases.

An unknown criminal has already damaged more than 450 cars in the city, spreading super quick glue on the lacquer coating. This industrial glue is so aggressive that it destroys not only the paint, but also the primer. It is not available at retail, it can be easily purchased online.

On average, the damage amounts to about 2,000 euros for the repair of a new wing and up to 8,000 euros for several car parts. In some cases, even had to change the item entirely. According to local police, to date, the total damage caused by vandals, amounted to more than 1.5 million euros.

Police ask citizens for help in the investigation: “If you watch people who behave suspiciously near cars, do not be afraid to immediately call the police on an emergency call, even if the call later turns out to be false.”

Despite the active search for the culprit and requests for assistance, no one was found.

Some details of the incident are curious: the offender cripples cars at night, and motorists, as a rule, find it only the next morning. He does it in passing, light strokes, so that the alarm does not have time to work. True, the sound alarm in the country is prohibited, but for many it is set to key chains or messages on smartphones. However, this does not help. Most often, Volkswagen cars, especially those in leasing, become objects of abuse, which can be easily identified by their license plate. And as eyewitnesses say, the Golf and Tiguan models most often suffer. However, the police do not confirm these rumors, believing that there are just a lot of cars of this brand in the city. How else to explain that among the “victims” come across and BMW, and Toyota.

The victims have a question, who should compensate them for the damage? According to the laws of the country, if it is caused intentionally, the criminal himself bears responsibility for vandalism, but if he cannot be found, as in this case, then he should rely on his own automobile insurance. If it covers damage, the insurer should be informed about the accident within seven days. However, the insurer will immediately assign a higher rate to such a client, and the next time he will pay for insurance much more. Car owners do not agree with this, because their fault in the damage to cars is not, and glue vandalism, it seems, is beginning to become widespread.

While the criminal is not found, the police advises to park cars in garages, or in a guarded parking lot, or, in extreme cases, under a lantern, in an illuminated area. This may deter the perpetrator or even help him find it.