German experts have named the most reliable cars with mileage for 2018

German experts have named the most reliable cars with mileage for 2018

October 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Experts experts of the Association of Technical Supervision TUV summed up the results of another large-scale study. The result of their work was the rating of used cars, whose purchase can be considered a good investment.

What most often pay attention to motorists who want to buy a car “with hands”? Appearance, number of owners, mileage, traffic accidents and a number of other important aspects. TUV experts specializing in technical supervision, approached the study of this issue from a purely scientific point of view: they used all the statistics at their disposal to call the “top five” of the best cars with mileage.

The legendary Porsche 911 sports car of the last generation has become the leader of the thematic rating. In the process of monitoring, it turned out that the owners of such machines contact the service centers to eliminate any breakdowns and malfunctions only in 10% of cases.

The second place belongs to the stylish and roomy Toyota Corolla Verso compact van – with the purchase of such a used car, the probability of a quick repair is 15%. The Mazda 2 compact five-door hatchback closes the top three of the most reliable cars with mileage. The new owners of this popular citycar faced breakdowns in 16% of cases. The fourth line goes to Ford Fusion’s subcompact car, whose result is 18 percent, and complements the TOP-5 Toyota Corolla sedan – 19% of buyers experienced problems with this model.