German court revokes driver’s license over … Tesla Model 3 electric car

German court revokes driver’s license over … Tesla Model 3 electric car

August 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

By order of a German court, the driver who was driving a Tesla Model 3 electric car was deprived of the right to drive the vehicle for one month. This is due to the desire to adjust the speed of the wiper on the touch screen of the car, which caused an accident.

A recent German court ruling will kick off a fascinating discussion. The highest regional court in Karlsruhe confirmed that the driver should be suspended from driving for a month. He was sentenced to this because he “drove” his Tesla Model 3 into an embankment and hit several trees with the car after trying to adjust the wiper speed on the touchscreen of his electric car.

This unidentified driver had an accident on the evening of March 15, 2019.

The first trial he underwent dates back to August 22, 2019, and as a result of the hearing, he was sentenced to pay a fine of 200 euros. and was suspended from driving for one month. The decision cannot be challenged.

According to the judges associated with the lawsuit, “the touchscreen installed in the Tesla vehicle is an electronic device.” Consequently, its operation “is permitted to the driver of a motor vehicle only when the car is stationary, and it does not matter what purpose the driver of the motor vehicle pursues during its operation.”

The judges gave many reasons to view the infotainment screen in the Model 3 as an “electronic device.” Although the driver said the speedometer displayed on this screen makes it a “safety dashboard,” the court ruled that it should not be treated as such. The driver will also be at fault because he “does not exercise the necessary caution in road traffic”.

Tesla decided to create a car that concentrates many of its operations on the touchscreen of its infotainment computer. In some of these vehicles, this is called the MCU. We have covered the issues that MCUv1 presents. On Model 3 and Model Y models, any touchscreen issue can prevent the driver from using the wiper correctly, for example.

On the other hand, it is not clear why the Tesla Model 3 driver did not turn on automatic mode for the wipers or use a voice command to adjust their speed. Why he decided to manually change the speed of the wipers on the touchscreen – only this German driver can answer.