German cars may ban in China due to smartphones

German cars may ban in China due to smartphones

December 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

China’s ambassador to Berlin said the German auto industry could face “consequences” if Huawei tech giant is banned from building 5G networks in Germany.

Huawei has been in the spotlight for several months since the Trump administration saw a security risk in the company’s equipment. As a result, from February 16, 2020, Hauwei products will be banned in the United States.

In Germany, the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel previously ruled out the possibility of banning Huawei in the 5G national network, but the ruling coalition legislators are trying to reconsider its decision, the South China Morning Post newspaper reports.

    In response, Chinese ambassador Wu Ken during an event organized by the local Handelsblatt newspaper said that Germany could face consequences if it bans Huawei: “If Germany decides to remove Huawei from the German market, there will be consequences. The Chinese government will not be inactive, ” – he said.

Wu then told the audience that German automakers accounted for about a quarter of the cars sold in China.

    “Can we also say that German cars are unsafe because we are able to produce our own cars? No, that would be pure protectionism, ”he said.

Some, including Thorsten Benner, director of the Berlin Institute for Global Public Policy, have interpreted Wu’s statements as an “open threat” to Germany’s auto industry.

The United States is trying to convince its allies to squeeze Huawei as a 5G provider, claiming the company is spying on behalf of the Chinese government, which the company denies.