German car market grew by 22% in September

German car market grew by 22% in September

October 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A significant increase in sales was primarily due to the low rates of September 2018, when new environmental standards were introduced in the European Union.

Experts at the Avtostat Info analytical agency analyzed the dynamics of sales in the German car market in September 2019. It turned out that car sales here rose immediately by 22 percent. But in September 2018, the German car market, on the contrary, showed a serious drop. In general, according to KVA, over the three quarters of this year in the German car market grew by 2.5%.

 So, in September, sales of Porsche cars grew by 431%, but Audi’s performance reached 148%. And Volkswagen, in turn, boasts a 96% increase in sales. And this despite the fact that the transition to new environmental standards cost the brand a lot of money – about a billion euros.

 Mercedes-Benz is showing a 20 percent increase, while BMW sales, by contrast, dipped 18 percent. According to local experts, the September sales of 2019 are still very far from the sales of September 2017. If we talk about the pace of car production in Germany, then over the nine months of this year they fell by nine percent, which clearly did not benefit the automotive industry.