German car enthusiast extinguished Volkswagen with a beer

German car enthusiast extinguished Volkswagen with a beer

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

During the incident, a man was driving along the autobahn near the city of Hesbach in Bavaria. First, a strange smell and noise came from the driver, and then he saw flames under the hood of his Volkswagen.

A car enthusiast from Germany dealt with a fire in the engine compartment of his Volkswagen Passat with a few bottles of beer. Spiegel Online reported on the unusual incident. Everything happened at the moment when the motorist was driving his Volkswagen along the Autobahn in Bavaria. Feeling that something was wrong with his car, he stopped to check the Passat engine compartment. Instead of breaking, he saw fire and puffs of smoke in the engine compartment.

Such a turn could not unsettle the motorist: he ran to the trunk, took a few bottles of beer from there and put out the flaming fire with them, preventing him from spreading to other parts of his Passat.

Firefighters, who were notified of a fire, arrived at the emergency site when the warrior independently managed the fire. Rescuers praised the man for his resourcefulness, clarity of mind and amazing stress resistance in such a critical situation. After all, all these qualities helped the motorist to prevent very serious consequences.