German car drivers were the worst

German car drivers were the worst

January 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British research center GoCompare Car Insurance presented its own research, which showed that the most dangerous drivers are the owners of German cars.

As it turned out, the drivers of German cars are most often the violators of traffic rules and the perpetrators of accidents. At least that’s what the British scientists from GoCompare Car Insurance said. The leader of the “danger” in the ranking is the driver of the BMW 4-Series 420d. If you see this car on the road – it is better to stay away from it.

Despite the fact that BMW tops the list, the remaining German brands from the big three, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, are not far behind. If you look at the top ten most frequent violators, we see the following picture: BMW 420d (17.1%), Audi A5 (15.5%), Mercedes C220 (14.8%), Mercedes E220 (14.8%), Jaguar XF (14.3%), Mercedes CLA (14.3%), Mercedes GLC (14.0%), Audi Q7 (13.8%), Land Rover Range Rover (13.8%) and Mercedes CLS (13, five%).

The most responsible drivers were the owners: Vauxhall Agila (4.1%), then Hyundai i10 (4.3%), Nissan Micra (4.4%), Kia Picanto (4.4%), Hyundai Getz (4.5% ), Suzuki Alto (4.6%), Ford Ka (4.6%), Skoda Citigo (4.7%), Honda Jazz (4.8%) and Fiat Panda (4.9%).

Of course, the rating is slightly biased due to the characteristics of the cars. It is quite obvious that owners of premium and powerful cars created literally for fast and extreme driving will appear more often in reports. To compare them with compact small cars that can hardly exceed the speed, even if desired, is not correct.