George Russell: we can be satisfied with the result

George Russell: we can be satisfied with the result

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

George Russell finished 14th at Monza and is pleased with the results of the race. Robert Kubica finished last, losing two laps to the leader.

George Russell (14th): “Today we had an amazing pace, especially considering the fact that the track in Monza is one of three that do not fit our car, given the lack of speed on straight lines. This suggests that we are well versed in the settings, with rubber, controlled the situation. We can be satisfied with the result. “

Robert Kubica (17th): “The race was not easy, and the whole weekend consisted of ups and downs for us. The start went well, but then there were problems in cornering with the front left tire. Several times I fought with rivals and defended the position, trying my best to stay in the air bag behind other cars. I did everything I could”.

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “Another eventful race in which our racers actively fought with rivals. Robert drove the first lap perfectly, climbing to 13th place before rolling back. In the end, he held a race with two pit stops due to a puncture in the fight against Grosjean.

George drove the distance with one pit stop and was almost able to keep behind Vettel, but on the last lap he unfortunately stepped forward. The lack of maximum speed on the lines made it difficult to defend the position from the attacks of rivals, but George did a great job finishing 14th.

Now we will prepare for a series of away races, which in two weeks will begin in Singapore. ”