George Russell: The weekend will be difficult

George Russell: The weekend will be difficult

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Following Friday’s training at the Spa, Williams racers were back on the very last lines of the protocol, with George Russell once again ahead of his partner.

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “After a two-week break, it’s good to return to work on the track, especially on a spa like this. In both sessions, we did some useful work, searched for settings suitable for this route, and tested some solutions for the next year.

Nicholas Latifi had a good first training, having worked quite efficiently with the settings, which allowed George to get a car, the behavior of which he immediately basically satisfied. Robert was engaged in interesting tests, and also selected the settings for tomorrow’s qualification.

When the track is so long, riders are usually unhappy with certain moments associated with the passage of the circle, so now we are engaged in the analysis of the collected data and the search for fine-tuning for the remaining days of the weekend. “

George Russell: (19th): “The summer break was long, so now I’m glad to be back behind the wheel. In general, the car left a good impression, and I enjoyed working on this beautiful track. We knew that in the Spa we would have difficulties: we lack the pace, half of the time we lose is lost on the straight lines, but we also have problems in the corners.

We will study telemetry data in order to understand whether it will be possible to find a better compromise in the approach to the settings by tomorrow. In any case, the weekend will be difficult. “

Robert Kubica: “I would say that the day went according to expectations. Riding along such a highway is always a pleasure, but, unfortunately, there are questions about the behavior of the car. I hope we can deal with some of them and improve its handling. But the pace is what it is, and the lag behind the machines that are ahead of us is quite large. ”

Nicholas Latifi: “Perhaps this is the training I was waiting for the most – because of the features of this track. The last time I worked at the wheel of Williams on Friday at Le Castell, but since then the FW42 has changed significantly, and it’s quite difficult to compare its behavior on different tracks.

In general, I noticed some improvement, although in the Spa we use the rear wing with a lower angle of attack, and I am pleased with the way the session was conducted. Everything went pretty smoothly, and in the second session, George replaced me.

In general, it’s great to pilot a Formula 1 car in Spa, and I look forward to the next time I can work with the team again. ”