George Russell: Starting position is higher than expected.

George Russell: Starting position is higher than expected.

April 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In China, Williams drivers George Russell and Robert Kubica qualified on the 17th and 18th, which was the best result for each of them this season. The team are satisfied with the performance, but are preparing for a difficult race.

Dave Robson, chief race engineer: “After a productive third training session, we had a tough qualification in which each of the riders passed three attempts. Engineers and mechanics with the help of specialists in the Grove did a great job, each time releasing the racers to the track at the optimum moment.

The drivers also did an excellent job, although there are things that could be done a little better. Today we together squeezed practically the maximum out of the car. In addition, we took advantage of the failures of Elbon and Giovinazzi, but we know that they will try to overtake us in the first circles of tomorrow’s race. “

George Russell (17th): “The seventeenth place at the start is higher than we expected before the start of the weekend. We had a good session, approaching the rest – our team became more competitive. We understand the car better and were able to achieve more from the settings, which allowed us to play a little time. Tomorrow we will do everything in our power – let’s see to what result this will lead. ”

Robert Kubica (18th): “Something amazing happened in the qualification with balance. In the first attempt there was a huge oversteer – I did not expect it, because the whole weekend we struggled with understeer. We need to figure out what caused it.

Tomorrow will not be easy – it is important to monitor the condition of the rubber and take into account the temperature of the air and the track, but all in equal conditions. ”