George Russell: Lap time is better than expected

George Russell: Lap time is better than expected

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the second training session in Singapore, Williams racers George Russell and Robert Kubica showed eighteenth and twentieth time. The team evaluated the speed of the car in a short and long series of circles – and were satisfied …

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “The first training session in Singapore is always difficult, its results cannot be considered representative – it was hot and dusty on the track. Both riders adapted to the configuration, we evaluated the performance of the Medium tires. We managed to verify a lot that will help in the further modernization of the FW34.

The second workout is the most rewarding and most representative of all in Singapore. As a result, all riders drove a lot of laps. The session was fairly calm – we continued to work with tires, checking the qualification composition of the C5 with empty tanks. Then we divided the program by putting Medium and Hard tires on our long cars in our lap series.

The car was well controlled – in the evening session we were close to the pilots of Haas and Alfa Romeo. We have a lot to do before tomorrow to successfully carry out the first part of the qualification. ”

George Russell (18th): “I liked today’s training. In Singapore, a great track, but difficult – it is easy to make a mistake here. I think we did a good job in the second session – the car behaved quite normally.

We laid the foundation for further work, and lap times look even better than we expected, given our real pace. I want to get back behind the wheel and enjoy the challenges that riders in Singapore overcome – the heat and humidity. If tomorrow we can put everything together, then perhaps we will be rewarded. ”

Robert Kubica (20th): “It was hot and hard, but we knew about this before we arrived in Singapore. Marina Bay is the most difficult track, and the conditions are difficult. As usual, on Friday in Singapore it is difficult to immediately feel the car.

The first training went fine, but in the second session I did not have the same feeling of a machine as in the first. We need to find out why the balance of the car has changed so much. We will study the data and move on. ”