George Russell: I would like to have a quick workmate

George Russell: I would like to have a quick workmate

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Williams confirmed that they have several candidates for Robert Kubica’s place next year. George Russell would be happy to work with any partner.

George Russell: “I would like to have a quick workmate. I am doing my best to show everyone what I am capable of, and I need such an opportunity. In the end, I focus on myself, on working with the machine and with the engineers. I think I’m ready to take everything under my control and become the leader of the team if my partner turns out to be a debutant.

At the same time, I would be equally pleased with an experienced partner like Nico Hulkenberg – with a good reputation and great experience. I am sure that I can learn a lot from him – and I will get an excellent opportunity to show what I am capable of.

The task of the rider is to rally the team and maintain its motivation. It is especially important to build relationships with your engineers. Perhaps I spent more days at the base than any other racer in the peloton. I worked on a simulator, I always tried to do everything better, prepared for the weekends, worked with engineers. I believe that my role as a racer is to be a team leader. ”