George Russell: I am glad to return to Baku

George Russell: I am glad to return to Baku

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, George Russell won the Formula 2 Sunday race in Baku, and for the first time Robert Kubica will compete in Azerbaijan …

Dave Robson, chief race engineer: “The streets of Baku will become the racetrack for the fourth stage of the Formula 1 season. The route has several features: several descents, difficult braking and a very long straight. Since the main events of the weekend are in the evening, the asphalt can quickly cool down, which sometimes takes the racers off guard.

The length of the circle exceeds six kilometers – this route takes the second place in length, second only to Spa. Configuration features force teams to experiment with downforce when setting up machines in the search for a compromise between speed on long straight lines and grip on a narrow and winding second sector.

George is familiar with the track, because last year he won the Formula 2 sprint race, and for Robert this is a new experience after returning to the race. “

Robert Kubica: “The time has come for the fourth stage of the season – we are waiting for Baku. Judging by what I saw last year – the track is quite complicated, demanding to the skill of the rider. I will be there for the first time. I used to like to race on such tracks, I hope to experience the same feeling as before. “

George Russell: “I look forward to a trip to Baku. Perhaps last year’s weekend in Azerbaijan was my best performance in Formula 2 – we had to win both races. I was in the lead in the Saturday race, but in the last laps after the safety car there was an annoying incident. The next day I won back and won the second race after the start from 12th place. I have great memories of this route, I am glad to return to Baku. ”