George Russell completed the test program

George Russell completed the test program

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Thursday, George Russell worked on the tests in Barcelona at Williams. He drove 140 laps, showing the 11th time. For the British, the test program is now complete – the next time he sits behind the wheel already in Australia, and on Friday Robert Kubica will complete his work in Barcelona.

Paddy Lowe, Technical Director: “In terms of weather, this is another great day. Our program turned out to be rich, we divided it into three parts.

In the morning we carried out several aerodynamic measurements with a large number of sensors. The team devoted the second part of the morning program to imitation of qualification, using four sets of new tires with a minimum amount of fuel. In the afternoon, we focused on imitating the race, combining it with a series of tests. Everything went according to plan, despite a few red flags.

We traveled a great distance and received excellent feedback from George. Tomorrow, we will work with Robert on the same program. ”

George Russell (11th): “I’m definitely pleased with the number of laps completed, but ultimately it all comes down to lap time, and here we have a lot of work to do. The team has made significant progress since I got behind the wheel on Tuesday. I hope tomorrow, when Robert returns to the track, we will take another step forward.

We understand the causes of the problems and do everything possible to correct them. We are waiting for a lot of work, but I am focused, motivated and looking forward to the stage in Australia. ”