Geneva debuts the world’s first serial flying car

Geneva debuts the world’s first serial flying car

February 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Netherlands company PAL-V announced the premiere of the serial version of the “world’s first flying car”. The model called Liberty will be presented in early March at the Geneva Motor Show.

PAL-V Liberty has been developed over the past ten years. The first prototype was shown in 2008, and the first experimental flight took place three years later. Liberty is a three-wheeled vehicle, which in about 5-10 minutes can be converted into a gyroplane. The mast with the propeller turns automatically, but the driver must independently push the tail and the blades of the main propeller.

PAL-V Liberty is equipped with two aircraft engines of the Austrian company Rotax with a capacity of about 100 horsepower, one of which serves for movement on the ground and the other for air. In the first case, the maximum speed is about 160 km / h, and in the second – 160 km / h. The flight range of Libery is approximately 500 kilometers.

After its premiere in Geneva, the flying car will undergo all the necessary certification procedures to meet the requirements for land and air transport. In PAL-V expect to receive all necessary licenses both in Europe and in the US.

According to preliminary data, the cost of the basic version of PAL-V Liberty will be 399 thousand dollars, but first the flying car can be ordered in a special version of Pioneer Edition, the price for which will start from $ 599 thousand. Such a device will receive a unique exterior and interior decoration with premium materials.