Genesis wins ‘Most Trusted Premium Brand’

Genesis wins ‘Most Trusted Premium Brand’

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

American company JD. Power has published the winners in the “Most Trusted Premium Brand” nomination. In the first place was Genesis, the second was taken by the Japanese brand Lexus. It is noteworthy that this is the first year Genesis participated in this competition.

South Korean Genesis as a separate brand is only a few years old. The name Genesis itself is a bit older, it appeared in 2008 when it designated the flagship model Hyundai (which owns Genesis). In any case, Genesis is still very fresh in the automotive field, but enough time has passed for the luxury brand to be included in the annual study of car reliability – this is the work of extras from JD. Power in the USA.

 In order to be eligible to participate in the competition, the car manufacturer must have data from the original owners of cars that are at least three years old.

Genesis entered many world markets at the end of 2016 with two sedans, the G80 and G90, and the company’s overall reliability score of 89 points significantly exceeded the Japanese Lexus, which was in second place. The American Buick was third, and then Porsche and Toyota completed the TOP 5.

 How was Genesis able to get ahead of many eminent companies with only two cars in its lineup? It’s simple, the study also examines individual models in certain categories to get a detailed look at which cars are considered the most reliable among car owners. Genesis G80 received the highest award in the mid-size premium car category, but the G90 did not get on this list. Toyota Avalon was awarded as the most reliable large car, among other well-known winners – Honda Fit in the category of a small car, Mazda MX-5 Miata – a compact sports car, Lexus ES – a compact premium car.