Genesis will equip its electric cars with wireless charging

Genesis will equip its electric cars with wireless charging

November 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Genesis will make electric cars wireless charging.

The Korean automaker is set to take the lead in electric vehicle assembly worldwide. The company’s engineers said that in the near future, their cars will be equipped with wireless charging.

After a while, the company is going to make a presentation to fans of the eG80 sedan and JW crossover, both of which must receive the P&C option. This technology can recognize the car owner, as well as make payments automatically, as soon as the car detects an ultra-fast wireless charging station.

Also, this system will make it possible not to deal with the authentication procedure when connecting to power plants using automatic machines. This test, with similar technology, is being carried out by experts from several automakers in the United States, including Porsche. Despite its wide distribution, the technology has not yet entered commercial access.

The engineers of the Korean company are developing a new technology for electric cars together with the specialists of the popular manufacturer WiTricity in the wireless field. In the event that demand for this technology grows until 2021, it will help improve the image of the Genesis brand.