Genesis launches online shopping and home delivery

Genesis launches online shopping and home delivery

May 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Participating dealers will bring the car to your home for a test drive.

The luxury brand Hyundai Genesis is following the growing number of car manufacturers, dealers and startups that offer car sales outside of the traditional showroom. Genesis Concierge was launched today at several dealerships and is an incentive for OEMs to reduce the hassle of buying a car.

The service begins when a potential buyer expresses an interest in the vehicle online. Then the specialist will contact this person and answer any questions that may arise with him, by phone, email or instant messenger.

The consultant will act as a guide and can plan a home test drive if the buyer wants it. If everything goes according to plan, the car can be delivered to the selected location for the new owner. After delivery, the same concierge can answer questions or solve any problems that the new owner may have.

“As with our popular Valet service, which is used by 90 percent of Genesis owners, Genesis Concierge shows that we respect the main luxury of our customers – their time,” said Marc Del Rosso, President and CEO of Genesis North America. statement.