Genesis is preparing six completely new models

Genesis is preparing six completely new models

January 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the South Korean automaker published a teaser for new models, in particular on a two-door coupe. These images were shown during the official debut of the GV80 crossover.

A couple of hours ago, the premium South Korean brand Genesis introduced the first crossover in its history, which received the designation GV80. In addition to the car itself, we were shown several interesting images. While Genesis chief designer Luke Donkerwolk talks in detail about the company’s new design style, showing everyone the bunk headlamps and Crest false radiator grille, several very interesting images were displayed in the background.

He did not go into details about cars, the silhouettes of which flashed behind him. He only said: “I know that you would like to see more light in these photographs, but for now we will keep the secret.”

 Analyzing a photo that captures several new models, we are probably looking at the recently updated G90 sedan, as well as the smaller G80 and G70 sedans, which will be updated soon. The GV80 and the upcoming GV70 compact crossover are also present on this teaser.

 The remaining two cars are a bit mysterious, but we are probably looking at a sleek coupe, which we hope will have something in common with the great Essentia concept. As some of you remember, Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald firmly hinted that a production version of the show car could be unveiled, saying that an electric car other than the Mint concept would be released in 2021. The Essentia carbon fiber concept had an electric powerplant.

 The sixth car, shown during the debut of the GV80 crossover, had the shape of a small and rather bizarre three-door hatchback with a side profile very similar to an electric car. By the way, the same two-seat Mint concept had a range of 322 kilometers and the ability to quickly charge.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Genesis officially unveiled its first Genesis GV80 crossover. While the novelty is available only in the home market, however, over time, the geography of sales of the GV80 will expand.