Genesis GV80 will receive the first 3D-dashboard Continental

Genesis GV80 will receive the first 3D-dashboard Continental

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The next generation Genesis GV80 will receive a 3D display from Continental, which is the supplier of the South Korean brand.

The GV80 is not only the first production crossover from the South Korean premium brand Genesis, but also the first model of the company to receive a three-dimensional dashboard. Engineers at Continental, a carmaker supplier, are working on the display. This is the first time that such displays have appeared in production cars.

Continental technology uses parallax barriers, which divide the image into two different slightly offset views, creating a three-dimensional image.

For more accurate operation, the system uses an internal camera, which determines the line of sight of the driver. Interestingly, the camera also determines whether the driver focuses too much on the cluster, and warns it, and also identifies possible moments of distraction or fatigue of the driver.

“Thanks to our manufacturing display with autostereoscopic 3D technology, we take human-machine interactions to a whole new level and lay the foundation for intuitive communication in the cab of the future,” says Frank Rabe, Continental’s Head of HMI.

 Continental engineers are currently working on a next-generation three-dimensional dashboard that integrates all the center console displays into a single unit. This will allow the driver to reconfigure the layout of the content on multiple displays – for example, drag and drop navigation charts from the front passenger display to the driver’s screen.

 Meanwhile, the company is also developing a new generation of 3D displays for front passenger and rear seat passengers based on Leia’s 3D Lightfield technology. Continental promises that the new technology will allow passengers to enjoy a wide range of digital services, including video conferencing, online shopping, augmented reality games and 3D movies.