General Motors will release a low-cost 9-seater car

General Motors will release a low-cost 9-seater car

June 15, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The creation of the car is connected with the new demographic policy of China

The creation of the 9-seater car is the automaker’s response to a change in childbirth policy in China. The country’s authorities have allowed families to have a third child, while no sanctions will be applied. According to demographers, this measure will slightly slow down the aging process of the population.

In this regard, families with a large status will need inexpensive and roomy vehicles, and the GM-SAIC four-row minivan fits the description well. Representatives of the car company said that the new Wuling vehicle will be distinguished by the convenience of getting on and off, as well as comfort. There is no information on the technical component yet.

The lineup of the Sino-American brand includes Wuling models with five, seven and eight seats, however, for some reason, they are not suitable for large families.