General Motors will highlight its cars with 26-inch wheels

General Motors will highlight its cars with 26-inch wheels

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Such a seemingly minimal upgrade can radically change the look of the car. Auto GM, shod in a new way, will be very profitable to differ from competitors.

Recently, in order to freshen up their cars a little and make them more stylish, automakers turn to the wheels: change the pattern, experiment with tires, increase the size. They decided to choose this path in General Motors. According to the foreign automobile portal, recently GM chief designer Michael Simcoe and Dan Sandberg, president and chief executive officer of Brembo North America, discussed car design, including wheels and brakes. At the same time, Simko noted that large wheels can make a car longer, lower and wider, and also give it a more spectacular appearance. He hinted that the brand will have wheels 24 and 26 inches.

Wheel designs for each particular make and model can vary quite a lot. Designers can use such a variety in order to distinguish their product from competitors. The design of the wheels can be both economical and technically complex with different types of materials and finishing methods, for example, with carbon fiber.

As for the large sizes of future wheels, they borrowed them from concept cars. Show cars very often surprise viewers with giant tires, but such spectacular wheels, as a rule, do not reach the conveyor.

However, automotive design does not stand still, and now brands are ready to put large wheels on their commercial vehicles, wanting to attract the attention of buyers. Obviously, large wheels will become expensive pleasure, since in reality they can affect the fuel economy of a car, or even negatively affect the ride quality.