General Motors will collect pickups of startup Nikola

General Motors will collect pickups of startup Nikola

September 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In addition to getting a reliable partner, Nikola will be able to significantly save on development and various kinds of purchases.

The American concern General Motors has become a partner of the Nikola startup. This became known on Tuesday, September 8. Let’s remind that earlier 2 companies agreed that General Motors will supply batteries for electric cars. Now we are talking about a broader partnership – on the GM conveyor, Nikola Badger pickups will be produced.

In addition, General Motors is investing a large amount in a startup – at the moment we are talking about $ 2 billion, which will go to the development of the Badger pickup truck. Nikola has already calculated that taking into account all the investments, as well as the savings on development and assembly, in the next 10 years the startup will be able to save about 5 billion.

The large and powerful Nikola Badger pickup is expected to go on sale in late 2022.
It would be more correct to say that it will be a GM pickup, but with the appearance of Nikola.

Earlier, General Motors said it plans to revise its lineup in China. The company plans to bring more of the most technologically advanced cars to the Chinese market, as well as electric cars. GM has already announced that in the Celestial Empire the bet will be placed on the Cadillac brand.